I was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, before moving to Manchester, England, to study at MMU where, in 2016, I graduated with a degree in writing and TV/film. That summer, I got to fulfill my dream of traveling and moved to Thailand to teach English in Bangkok. Over the next year or so, I traveled around Asia before returning to Manchester and making a go of it in the TV and film industry. I’d always believed that to be my goal, I’m not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with the extreme pressures placed on us as fourteen-year-olds to make choices about the rest of our lives without knowing anything about the world. Who knows?


Anyway, my mental health took me through hell and back to finally realise that my future actually lies in human and animal rights. I simply want to tell as many stories as I can and help improve as many lives as I can.


Currently, with COVID still consuming most areas of our lives, I freelance as an ESL teacher for Chinese and Taiwanese students. Through this blog, I simply want to spread some truth and positivity.

Welcome to Drifting Diaries!